3820 Signatures Needed In 2 Days To Dethrone Josep Maria Bartomeu

The vote of no confidence movement is continuing with its only objective of ending the presidency of Josep Maria Bartomeu over Barcelona.

Right now, 12,700 signatures have been collected out of the 16,520 that are needed to move forward with the vote to remove the president.

Jordi Farré, the man behind the vote against FC Barcelona’s board of directors, is hoping that all of his work bears fruit. He wants to see the back of Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The vote of no confidence movement is updating its followers on the status of the vote via social media. Today, a key day in the process, they announced that they have already collected 12,700 signatures.

They have until September 17th to collect at least 16.520. Which means 2 days to collect 3,820 more signatures, the key number needed to dethrone Bartomeu.

The movement has momentum and believes that it could reach the number. It encouraged members to pass the motion and trusts that it will reach its goal in the two final days.

There is an uneasy feeling in Camp Nou, although at least for now it seems to have calmed. The news that Messi, after sending a fax stating he intended to leave, has decided to stay, has calmed some fans worries.

That said, there are still many critics of Bartomeu’s management style. It was that style of management which started the vote of no confidence, which is now its final stage.

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