Alexandre Pato Could Move To Spezia

According to ‘SportMediaset’, the newly promoted Spezia have reportedly shown interest in signing Alexandre Pato, who is without a team after his spell at Sao Paulo.

Alexandre Pato could return to European football. The Brazilian player left Sao Paulo in August, so is currently without a team.

The ex-Villarreal and Milan player, amongst others, intends to return to Europe and has reportedly placed the Serie A at the top of his favourite competitions. He doesn’t lack suitors.

‘SportMediaset’ say that one of those interested in signing him is the newly promoted Serie A side Spezia, who will fight to stay up this season.

Last season at Sao Paulo, Pato played in 13 matches and scored 4 goals and got 2 assists in the 933 minutes he had on the pitch.

The Brazilian forward, who shone at Milan, disappointed at Chelsea and played in La Liga and China, could enjoy a new spell of his professional career in Italy.

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