Álvaro Morata On Loan To Juventus

Álvaro Morata On Loan To Juventus

Álvaro Morata leaves on loan to Juventus. Both Atlético Madrid and Juventus made the agreement official, which includes a purchase option in favour of the Italians for 45 million or the extension of the loan for another year in exchange for ten million.

Álvaro Morata returns to Juventus. An agreement was reached between the three parties for the Madrid striker to go on loan to Turin next season in exchange for ten million euros.

In addition, there will be a purchase option in favour of the Italians in case they want to buy the forward or extend the loan from 1 July.

This Monday everything went through and the events were carried out under the express desire of Morata, who had wanted to return to play for Juve, which he did in the 14-15 and 15-16 seasons and in which he felt at his best on the pitch.

Juventus decided to broadcast its time with the attacker, who landed in Turin at night and on Tuesday morning went for his medical check-up, all with Juve’s cameras pointed at him.

Although at first it was not Atlético’s intention to give up their ‘9’, something that had already been made clear to Juve, the stars aligned for the move.

Juventus was left without Luis Suárez as it looks like the Uruguayan will go to Atlético. Due to this, all three sides agreed the move was for the best. Also, Andrea Pirlo had already had his eye on the forward.

The agreement states that Juventus will be able to buy Morata at the end of the 2020-21 season in exchange for 45 million euros to be paid over three years, as published by the Italian club in its press release.

Otherwise, it can extend the transfer for another ten million and buy him after the 2021-22 season for 35, also payable over three years.


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