Andy Cole Admitted To Having Bullied Others In The Past

Andy Cole, one of Manchester United’s most iconic players in the late 1990s, admitted in his last interview that he had been tough on his teammates at the academies where he started out.

There is always time to admit your mistakes. Manchester United legend Andy Cole did so in his talk to the Daily Telegraph, in which he also told of his ordeal after his kidney operation.

Cole said that when he was 14 years old at one of his academies, newcomers suffered a lot. “We had no choice. In the first week, the older kids would come down and pick out the ones they thought were weaker. To be honest, I was one of the worst at bullying,” he revealed.

A mistake he made during his childhood. Now much more mature, he recognises the errors in society. Bullying is one of them and, as he himself said, racism is another.

He remembered all that had happened with the death of George Floyd and the change of attitude in the population. But he believes that society must take a step forward to not allow any more such actions.

“I want action now. We have to move forward. I want someone to come out during the next few months and say, ‘This is the next stage’, or are we going to continue to kneel down during the next few months without anyone saying anything,” he said

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