Antoine Griezmann Decided To Put An End To His Time With Atletico Madrid

Paulo Futre, legendary former Atletico Madrid player, believes Antoine Griezmann was wrong to go to Barca. He went on ‘Catalunya Ràdio’ and said that, although he understands his reasons for leaving, he lost the opportunity to be a legend at Atletico.

Barcelona tempted him and he decided that it was time to start a new adventure in the summer of 2019.

A little over a year has passed since then and Griezmann does not seem to be finding his feet at Camp Nou. In fact, he is being questioned by the ‘culé’ fans.

Futre thinks that Griezmann was wrong to leave. “At Atlético, Griezmann was God. At Barca he could be a duke or a count…”, he told Catalunya Ràdio. “If he had decided to continue at the Wanda Metropolitano he would have been a legend, more so than me. Right now, at 54, I can’t walk around Madrid in peace,” the legendary former striker said.

Futre already knew what was going to happen to Griezmann when he announced that he was leaving: “I knew that all this would happen, that he would have problems with his adaptation. I understand his departure.

He was going to try to win the Champions League at Barca, but we all know that there Messi comes first, 50 Messis, then afterwards comes Piqué… and Griezmann would be fourth or fifth”, he analysed.  “I think he left to win more. He must have thought that he would have more possibilities,” Futre concluded.

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