Antoine Griezmann And Lionel Messi’s Relationship Has Been Called Into Question

Éric Olhats, who discovered Griezmann and then became his agent, attacked Leo Messi, holding him responsible for the failure of Antoine Griezmann at the club.

In recent times, Antoine Griezmann’s former agent, advisor and mentor Éric Olhats has gained a reputation as a controversial man thanks to his explosive statements.

Not long ago he was accurate in trying to decipher Griezmann’s new reality – “He went from star to kit man,” he said – and now he has taken it up with Leo Messi.

The Frenchman’s words bordered on cruelty to the Argentine in ‘France Football’: “Messi is an emperor and monarch and did not take Antoine’s arrival well. His attitude was deplorable and he made him feel bad”

Olhats continued: “It is the regime of terror. Either you are with Messi or you are against him. I have always heard Antoine say that he had no problem with Leo, but never the other way around”.

“Last season, when Griezmann arrived, Messi did not speak to him or pass him a ball. I think that generated a trauma and a negative adaptation. He’ll get through it, he loves football and nothing else,” concluded the former agent of Griezmann.

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