Asensio Is In Spain’s Squad To Face The Netherlands

Luis Enrique gave his opinion on Marco Asrensio, who he considers a very good player. He admitted Asensio is still a long way off his best though.

Spain coach Luis Enrique admitted that Marco Asensio is still a long way off his best, but is confident he will keep on getting better.

“You know I love Marco Asensio. He’s playing well although a way off how he can play, but I’ve got confidence in him,” Luis Enrique said in the press conference ahead of the Netherlands match.

He added: “It’s true that he was coming back from an injury, but he is now playing for his team as well. I can say a lot about him, but the facts are what are important at the end of the day.”

“I consider Marco to be a very good player. My decisions are based on many hours of study and I know that they won’t be liked by everyone,” he concluded

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