Some Of The Barcelona Board Think Some Of The Signatures Are Not Genuine

Some Of The Barca Board Think Some Of The Signatures Are Not Genuine

‘Esports COPE’ says that there are members of the Barcelona board who think that more than 5000 of the signatures presented by the platform ‘Mes que una MociΓ³’ against Josep Maria Bartomeu may not be genuine.

Some members of the Barcelona board are suspicious about the validity of more than 5,000 signatures in the motion of no confidence presented against Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu. This is according to ‘Esports COPE’.

According to the radio programme, part of the Barca board believe that all of those signatures could have been “bought” by the platform ‘Mes que una Mocio’ creates to get Bartomeu out of Barca after the Leo Messi situation and the 8-2 loss to Bayern.

Those in charge of the motion managed to present this week 20,687 signatures from members in favour of ending Bartomeu’s time as president. This is despite the president calling elections for March.

Behind the initiative ‘Mes que una Mocio’, there are pre-candidates to the Barca presidency such as Jordi Farre, Victor Font and Lluis Fernandez Ala, who managed to to get more than the required 16,521 signatures from Barca members.

The large number of signatures in record time even surprised Bartomeu himself. “The board are surprised by the number of signatures. It’s a high figure which surprised us and the promototrs,” Bartomeu said.

Now, the cited meda outlet states that these figures have arisen suspicion among the Barca board where they think around 5000 of them could have been “bought”.

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