Barcelona Will Get Rid Of 4 Players

Barcelona seem decided to get rid of 4 players in the winter market. Junior Firpo, Samuel Umtiti, Matheus Fernandes and Martin Braithwaite are reportedly living their last few days as Barcelona players.

The financial crisis that is hitting Barcelona is going to claim new victims. It seems that Junior, Umtiti, Matheus and Braithwaite will leave the club in the winter market.

According to ‘TNT’, Barca continue to look for ways to save, and a way of spending less is by getting rid of players, especially if they have generous wages.

Junior Firpo, Samuel Umtiti, Matheus Fernandes and Martin Braithwaite will reportedly be the 4 players chosen to leave Barcelona in January, whether it’s transferred or loaned.

All of them are under contract, with Umtiti’s the one that expires first, and it will not do so until 2023. He is also the one that earns the most out of the four and the most headaches that is giving the board, for his two-year terror, because of injuries, after winning the World Cup in 2018 with France.

The one that seems easiest to get rid of is Junior. He is the most sought-after, perhaps because his market value isn’t the highest of the four. In fact, it is the second lowest.

Braithwaite wouldn’t have too many problems in finding a team, while Matheus Fernandes already knows first hand that Koeman doesn’t count on him. In fact, he hasn’t even played a minute, nor has he even been called up, and hasn’t even been presented as a Barcelona player, despite having signed almost a year ago.

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