Barcelona Will Receive Less Sponsor Money From Their Main Shirt Sponsor

According to La Vanguardia, Barcelona will receive 25 million euros less in the 2021-22 season from Rakuten, the main sponsor of their shirt.

Bad news in the economic sphere for Barcelona. According to ‘La Vanguardia’, the Azulgrana team will receive 25 million euros less from Rakuten.

The main sponsor of the shirt will reduce its usual contribution of the last four seasons from 55 million euros to 30.

It could be much worse for Barcelona, who could at least announce the renewal of the agreement for one season this Friday. Although the economic details were not revealed, the aforementioned source published them this Saturday.

The crisis has caused the decline in Rakuten’s contribution, but the club is still happy to have been able to extend the agreement.

However, Barcelona has had to reduce the budget for this season by 231 million euros, while still negotiating the salary cut of nearly 200. From 1,059 million euros in 2019-20 has gone to 828 million euros at present.

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