Bayern Munich Player Is Still Trying To Get Over Germany’s 6-0 Thrashing At The Hands Of The Nations League

After Bayern Munich beat Barcelona 8-2 in the quarter-finals in the Champions League, Leon Goretzka’s comments on Leo Messi went viral.

The Bayern midfielder admitted then that he was not at all upset for the Argentine. “I didn’t feel sad to see Messi like that, I really enjoyed it,” he said. But roles can quickly be reversed.

Just three months later, Goretzka was on the wrong end of 6-0 scoreline, this time for Germany against Spain. In the build up to the Champions League game with Salzburg, the player spoke about how he felt after that match.

“There was a lot of criticism and you have to face it, but I think I’m coping well with it. We cannot give ourselves the luxury of thinking too much about it,” Goretzka continued.

The midfielder also talked about the days after the hammering. “I didn’t feel good when I got up the next day. I’m struggling to get over a defeat like that. That said, as there are important challenges ahead for Bayern very shortly, that helps me forget about that match,” Goretzka concluded.

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