Betis Vice-President López Catalán Is Not Happy

Betis vice-president, López Catalán, has been clear with regards to the refereeing this season and has asked the Federation to correct the ways in which the offside line is drawn.

Betis have already complained various times through their social media about the interpretations of VAR in similar players of other clubs and the club has not looked well on some refereeing decisions well. López Catalán said it loud and clear in the microphones of ‘Canal Sur Radio’.

“We are all very disgusted with the refereeing that Betis has suffered. Not only this year, but last year. I cannot doubt the referees. We can always accept human errors and we understand that refereeing is very complicated, but with the way the VAR works it is not admissible”, he expressed.

Betis, despite their complaints, want to turn the page and impose itself on each match. López Catalán continued opining that “there are important errors”.

“For example, what is happening this season with the theme of drawing offside lines. We ask the Federation to correct that. It is clear that there are major errors and we are in dialogue with them. We have to defend Betis and that is not working well. It is leading us to a tension when football is to be enjoyed”, he affirmed.

“What we need to do is to go match by match so as not to put extra pressure on ourselves”, the vice-president ended.

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