Braithwaite Does Not Take What The Media Are Saying About Him At Barcelona Seriously

Martin Braithwaite surprised many in Denmark with statements in which he admitted that he did not take what was said in the newspapers seriously. He is not considering leaving Barca.

While Barcelona continues to do the numbers to be able to reinforce the team in the next winter market, Martin Braithwaite continues to do his thing. Not even his lack of minutes does not move him away from his dream of triumphing at Barcelona, where he faces a bleak future.

The former Leganes striker surprised ‘’ with his words. He recognised that he does not follow what is said of him in the press and that he is living a dream. He is not considering, therefore, being transferred to another club.

“I don’t follow the news. I live my life and I know what this is about. Of course I hear things, but I don’t pay attention. Barca is a huge club and many things are written. The newspapers have to write many things because they know that anything they publish about Barca generates a lot of attention,” he explained.

“A lot of things are happening at Barcelona, but I only focus on what I can control. I play football and I can’t do anything about the rest. When I wake up every day, all I can think about is playing football,” he continued.

Barca are hoping that some of the offers they have for the Danish international, mainly from the Premier League, will materialise, while hoping that the words of his coach, who urged him to go to a team that will play in the European Championship, will sink in.

“As a football player, you have the ambition to play for the best team and with the best players. I am where I always dreamed. You can only improve if you are in a team like Barcelona. I am happy because I am in a fantastic moment of my life and everything is going well, on the right track. I’m at a point where I think I can continue to grow as a player. Calm and happy,” concluded the Danish striker.

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