Christian Eriksen Could Return To His Former Club In North London

The paths of Christian Eriksen and Tottenham could soon cross once again. The club is considering repurchasing a player who has not found a steady place at Inter Milan.

Christian Eriksen could make his way back to London. ‘The Express’ claims that Tottenham are planning to recover their former player from Italy.

The Danish footballer has not found his place at Inter Milan. He has only played 15 of 32 matches as a starter in the Nerazzurri and a departure could be beneficial.

Eriksen has already threatened to pack his bags and look for a new destination. Tottenham, who want to return to the Champions League, want the midfielder back.

“Inter is not what I had dreamed of. I think we all want to play as much as possible, but it is the coach who decides. In this situation there are many people who would like to see me play and I see myself playing. The coach has a different idea and I, as a player, respect it,” he said.

Of course, Tottenham is not the only team that wants him. From Italy there is already talk of a possible exchange with PSG for Leandro Paredes to come to Inter Milan.

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