David Alaba Has Many Potential Exit Routes From Bayern

Bayern made an offer of renewal to David Alaba. A proposal that, according to ‘Marca’, he had to accept before the 31st of October.

The deadline, therefore, would have expired. Madrid, Liverpool and PSG are all following the player closely.

David Alaba’s contract with Bayern Munich expires in 2021. The German club has been trying to change that for some time, but the defender seems determined to part ways with the club.

‘Marca’ says Bayern set a deadline for their latest renewal proposal. Alaba had until 31 October to decide whether or not he wanted to remain with Bayern.

That day has already passed and Alaba did not say “yes” within the deadline. So his continuation at Bayern seems to be more and more unlikely.

Alaba was reportedly not convinced by Bayern’s proposal. According to the German press, he asked for a fixed 10 million per season and four more in extras to sign a new contract. The Bavarians’ proposal was considerably lower than these figures and the player reportedly declined the offer.

Faced with this situation, says ‘Marca’, three teams are following his lead. Not only Madrid wants the defender, but also PSG and Liverpool are in line for David Alaba.

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