David Beckham Wants Ramos At Inter Miami

Sergio Ramos is just a few months away from finishing his contract with Real Madrid and David Beckham is already scheming.

The English player, who was a teammate of the Sevillian, wants to take him to Inter Miami, the club he presides.

One of the great unknowns of this season is what will happen with Ramos. The centre-back, who ends his contract in 2021, can negotiate from January with any team.

To avoid that, Madrid has already defined the plan for his renewal: two more years, but without a salary improvement, as reported by ‘El Larguero’.

The consequences of the coronavirus prevent the defender from increasing his salary. In fact, he and the staff will have to lower their salaries again.

According to ‘AS’, the negotiations between Ramos and the club are going well and the club believe that an agreement will come in a matter of weeks, something that might be complicated by David Beckham.

The source said that the former colleague of the Spaniard, who chairs Inter Miami, intends to take him to be his flagship player in the MLS. Let us remember that he already has HiguaΓ­n and Matuidi in his team.

Also, the Madrid newspaper indicates that the idea of going to the U.S.A is one that he has contemplated before, since he likes Miami and on top of that he has very good friends living there. Will there be a flight next summer or will it be Beckham’s turn to wait?

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