De Laurentiis Confims Napoli Met With Jovic’s Agent

The Napoli president Aurelio de Laurentiis confessed that Napoli had the option of signing Luka Jovic of Real Madrid.

However, he told ‘Corriere dello Sport’ that they ended up opting for Victor Osimhen of Lille. He has cost them 70 million euros.

Jovic can forget about joining Napoli. That door was slammed shut when the club confirmed they had signed Osimhen.

De Laurentiis spoke to ‘Il Corriere dello Sport’ and confirmed the rumours that Jovic was on Napoli’s agenda were true. “We met with Ramadani, Jovic’s agent. We could’ve have signed the Real Madrid striker,” he admitted.

And he was not Napoli’s only option: “We also thought about Azmoun of Zenit.”

But as soon as they saw that it was possible to sign Osimhen, all doubt was removed. “When the possibility of getting Osimhen arose, we went for him,” he continued.

So Jovic will not be going to Napoli. AC Milan are the other big Italian club interested in him.

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