Diego Carlos Is Of Interest To Juventus

Juventus have set their sights on the Spanish League to strengthen their defence. The Italian media say that the ‘Bianconero’ team wants to take Diego Carlos from Sevilla.

The good form of Sevilla’s defence is being rewarded by the interest of other teams its players. This is the case with Diego Carlos, who is being targeted by Juventus.

The Italian team has a problem in their defence. The age of both Chiellini and Bonucci means that an early changeover has to be considered, with De Ligt as one of the players signed for the switch.

Now, ‘Tuttosport’ says that Juventus have their eye on Diego Carlos. His good performances, especially last season, make him one of the targets of the ‘Vecchia Signora’.

However, Juventus will not have an easy time getting hold of Diego Carlos. Sevilla are not prepared to sell their defender and his cancellation clause stands at 75 million euros.

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