Emmanuel Adebayor Recommended Arsenal To Thomas Partey

Emmanuel Adebayor, in a statement to ‘The Sun’, said that he spoke to Thomas Partey before his transfer to Arsenal and recommended that he sign for the London side. He also revealed that they are very close friends.

Adebayor and Thomas Partey are good friends, so they often talk about the possible moves they will make in their careers. Before the midfielder signed for Arsenal, he had several conversations with the striker about his future and listened to some advice that he ended up applying.

“Between six months and a year ago, he told me about the contacts he had had in England. He mentioned Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea, and I told him: ‘Listen, if you have the chance to play in England, the place to go is Arsenal,” said Emmanuel in ‘The Sun’.

And why this team? “Because it is young, it is still learning and Arsenal is a family club. I’m very happy and impressed with his first steps in the team,” explained the former Olympia player. Today, he is still one of those stars who are free.

Although it is not known whether Adebayor’s words to Thomas Partey were the main reason why the former Atletico player signed with the Gunners, it is most likely that they were part of the pros he considered when making the decision. Now, he has many years of football ahead of him with his sights set on becoming a new star in the Premier League.

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