Eriksen Has Not Played In The Last Two Matches And Has Only Played 301 Minutes This Season

Once again, a player has used the press in his own country to complain about his club. This time it was Christian Eriksen, who told Danish channel ‘TV2’ that he is disappointed with his lack of minutes at Inter Milan. He even sees himself leaving in the January transfer window.

Christian Eriksen is not happy at Inter Milan. The striker left Tottenham in January because of his lack of minutes and he is in the same situation at the Giuseppe Meazza.

Far from being a speculation of the press, it was the midfielder himself who admitted that things are not going how he expected them to go. When interviewed by the Danish channel ‘TV2’, Eriksen was not happy with the situation.

“Inter are not the club I had dreamt about. I think we all wanted to play for as long as possible, but the coach is who decides,” the Inter man said. He has played just 301 minutes in seven matches, four of them as a starter.

He played 45 minutes for Denmark this Wednesday and they were his first minutes in two weeks. He was left on the bench for the Champions League loss to Real Madrid and the Serie A match with Atalanta.

“There are many people who would like to see me play and I see myself playing. The coach has a different idea and I, as a player, respect it. It might be that things are not going so well for the club, but in the past when I wasn’t playing much either, we were having success,” he said.

However, if this situation does not change, Christian Eriksen could leave Inter Milan in January: “I’m concentrating on playing football and then, we’ll see what happens or not when the market opens or not.”

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