Euros 2020 Could Be Moved To The UK

Euro 2020, which will be played in 2021, could change location. The COVID-19 pandemic could force there to be just one location, and the UK has taken the lead.

The last few teams that make up Euro 2020 were known on Thursday, which will finally be played in 2021 because of COVID-19. What still isn’t known is the final location.

While Russia could be a sole venue, according to reports in France, now the ‘Daily Mail’ revealed conversations between the FA and UEFA to bring the tournament to the United Kingdom.

UEFA’s plan was to keep the multivenue tournament in 12 cities, but the development of COVID-19 puts the decision of the international body in danger.

The qualification of Scotland in the playoffs means that there are three countries from the United Kingdom, as there are also Wales and England.

“UEFA’s efforts are focused on planning for a tournament in all 12 original venues with fans. Decisions that run counter to that plan could be made much nearer the time if necessary, but there are presently no plans to change any venue”, a source from UEFA informed.

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