Fede Valverde Broke His Leg

Real Madrid player, Fede Valverde, who has a broken leg which will see him on the sidelines for a month, sent a positive message on his Instagram account. He referred to both Real Madrid and Uruguay.

Fede Valverde has a broken leg and he will be out for both Real Madrid and Uruguay for around a month. The diagnosis is now official and his reaction is too. He published it on his Instagram account, in which he shared a photo of him lying on the sofa.

The player has a leg brace to keep it straight and so there are no problems. In the image, you can also see his crutches, sitting on the seat beside, and with a bandage so as not to hurt him when he uses them.

The player said in the text: “Beginning the recovery and hoping that these weeks will pass quickly to return. I am not able to accompany the national team with great sadness, but ‘let’s go’ up, we must be positive. Thank you very much for the messages of support”.

Many fans then commented with answers of support towards his recovery phase. He could be back for the Champions League match against Borussia Mönchengladbach at the start of December or the league match against Atlético Madrid.

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