Ferland Mendy Has Been A Safe Bet For Real Madrid

Real Madrid is going through a series of defensive problems and the only thing that seems to be going right for them is Ferland Mendy, who has become a safe bet on the left wing. The Frenchman is supporting his team as best he can.

La Liga has only been in action for a little over a month and a half and Madrid have offered two sides: one in which they lack goals and the other in which they concede them to their opponents.

One of the main problems of the Spanish side at the beginning of the campaign has been its lack of precision, something that seems to have been corrected with the passage of time.

But this has led the team to concede more to their opponents. Since the match against Cadiz, the team has conceded in six consecutive matches.

For a team as big as Madrid that’s not good and you only have to look at Mendy’s attempts to plug the holes. Yes, the Frenchman is one of the few to escape the burnout.

The player makes the left wing secure when defending which makes him an essential component in the team. A wall that has been able to stop Griezmann, Ocampos, Ferran, Portu, and more.

The newspaper ‘Marca’ has noted each and every one of the matches in which the player has stopped the opposing forwards who were trying to beat him. Zidane can rest easy with his compatriot.

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