Forlan Says The League Will Do Just Fine Without Messi

Forlán, a Spanish League without Leo Messi is not a problem. The Uruguayan believes that the clubs are important enough to continue on their way without the Argentinean star.

During the ‘Marca Sport Weekend’, as well as talking about the arrival of Luis Suárez at Atlético Madrid, Diego Forlán had time to talk about the possible future of the Spanish League without Leo Messi.

The player was just the latest to offer his opinion on the frustrated attempt of the Argentinean to leave Barcelona this summer: “I wouldn’t say it’s a gift that Messi finally stayed in the League. Obviously, La Liga has grown thanks to the great players who played for different clubs. But La Liga is La Liga, and the clubs are very important and historic”.

The Uruguayan wanted to remember that the League has enough quality and years of history to be able to continue being important even without the Argentinian star in it: “It is very good that he stays, but they are growing. Leo Messi, Luis Suárez… great players, they are changing and the League will continue there”.

“There are more than 90 years of history of the league and here there have been great stars, and it will be also. But in the end, what is left in the league are the teams and that is what is important”, said Forlán.

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