Georgina Rodríguez Helped Give Out Gifts

The partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodríguez, brought out her most supportive side. The model participated in an NGO initiative ‘Nuevo Futuro’ (new future) and gave out gifts to children and youngsters who are looking for a home.

Georgina Rodríguez has time for everything. If a few days ago we saw her on a television programme called ‘Mask Singer’ dressed as a lion and singing a song, now we discover her in a totally different environment.

The Spanish model wanted to form part of a beautiful initiative of the NGO ‘Nuevo Futuro’ in collaboration with the ‘Juguetes de Famosa’ (famous toys). Georgina Rodríguez became a ‘Wise Queen’ for the day.

The partner of Cristiano Ronaldo shared out happiness in the form of toys. Georgina Rodríguez gave out toys to foster children and youngsters who are looking for homes.

The NGO itself shared the most special moments of this great day. “Great moment, unforgettable day with gifts and all the love in the world”, the NGO wrote on their Instagram account.

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