Guardiola Reflects On Intensity Of Modern Football

Pep Guardiola spoke frustratedly about the intensity of modern football, in particular with reference to Manchester City and other big sides, and explained why he thinks that “coaches don’t exist anymore”.

With two and a half games a week and a multitude of competitions, especially in England, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola pointed out the extraordinary workload that big teams have to deal with.

“Our job as a coach is now an office job, no injuries to players and nothing else. It’s the same everywhere. Coaches no longer exist today. They are managers of players so that they don’t get hurt. There is very little time, there is practically nothing to do,” he began explaining at a press conference.

Guardiola thinks that teams don’t have time to work on their mistakes, to study new tactics, and to improve their squads: “It is all about recover, preparation, and recovery…”.

“And that is why it is so difficult to prepare for big matches”, added Guardiola, who has always spoken about the time he needs between games. “There isn’t time to train players. It is all recovery, and that means that there isn’t any time to improve the team”, he concluded.

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