Hugo Sánchez Spoke About Several Topics

Hugo Sánchez Spoke About Several Topics

The Mexican Hugo Sánchez has touched on important issues such as Bale’s departure, Madrid’s attack, the future of Raúl Jiménez and the Luis Suárez situation.

The former player said, in the latter case, that Barcelona are making a “mistake” with the Uruguayan.

The departure of Luis Suárez is about to be confirmed and it seems like the Uruguayan will sign with Atletico Madrid. Hugo Sánchez has been on ‘Radio Marca’ to analyse and give his opinion on this issue and others such as Bale’s loan and the future of Real Madrid’s attack.

“Barcelona are making a mistake with Luis Suárez. If they want to make Messi happy, he supported him and Messi likes to have people he can trust. It is a mistake to let him leave and not another striker,” he said.

The Mexican also wanted to give his take on the Bale and Tottenham deal: “He reminded me of Schuster. At first he was very cold and didn’t open. He adapted, but Bale didn’t seem to want to adapt. He lacked that intelligence”.

The former player dreams of seeing Mbappé at Madrid. “With a forward line formed by Mbappé and Benzema we could complete the picture of having the best footballers in the world in Madrid,” he continued.

As for Raúl Jiménez, who is now indispensable for Wolves, Hugo Sánchez also sees him at Madrid in the future: “As a starter maybe not, but he could accompany Benzema. He is a safe choice because he finishes with all parts of his body, he has personality, security, and he has that confidence of knowing where he stands and I know he has the character and mentality to earn that recognition. At Madrid, he could perform in the future”.

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