James Rodríguez Almost Signed For Manchester United

The return of James Rodríguez was one of the pieces of news of the last Premier League matchday. He faced Manchester United, the team that he almost joined in 2012.

Often, the world allows for football fiction about what would have happened if one or another player had ended up signing for a team. Eight years later, James revealed that he came close to being a Red Devil.

“United had offered me something, but in the end that didn’t happen for some reason, I don’t know. But well, football always takes you to the right path, to a team where I could really play well”, the Colombian acknowledged on ‘BT Sport’ ahead of precisely the match against Manchester United.

It all happened just before he signed for Monaco in the summer of 2012. “If that didn’t happen, it was for a reason. Maybe I wasn’t ready for it, or maybe it was because I was made to play for another team. In the end I had the opportunity to go to France and that was the path I followed”, he added.

James returned to play for Everton after the injury in his testicles and did so precisely against Manchester United. One of the reasons why he arrived at Everton this summer was Carlo Ancelotti.

“He is a very calm person, he knows how to treat the players and how to get the most out of us. This is why he has always worked in big clubs, and we hope to achieve extraordinary things”, James added.

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