Joachim Löw On The Nazi Horror, His Weak Spot For Sweet Things, And More…

On the eve of the Spain-Germany Nations League match this Tuesday, the newspaper ‘Marca’ wanted to showcase the career, values and ideals of Joachim Löw: this is the German coach.

Spain and Germany will meet this Tuesday in the last matchday of the group stage of the Nations League. A draw would eliminate Spain, so Luis Enrique’s side can only win.

On the occasion of the meeting, the newspaper ‘Marca’ interviewed coach Joachim Löw about Euro 2012: “Spain is an example, an admirable team, but not only for what it does on the field. I look at Xavi and Iniesta, the best in the world in their positions, but beyond that is that they are players who have never given a problem off the field, exquisite behavior”.

Löw has also had some great achievements away from football, such as climbing Kilimanjaro. The German spoke about his experiences in ‘Süddeutsche Zeiutung’: “It was a difficult climb for five days. On the last night I reached my limit, both physically and mentally. We reached the summit at dawn and I felt a sense of happiness: almost anything is possible in this world.

The German coach also spoke out against Nazis at a press conference after hearing several chants in Prague: “I am full of anger, and very very affected to see that some so-called fans are using football and an international match for their ghastly demonstrations.

“They fill our country with shame. Given our history, it is very important that we represent our country and its values of tolerance, respect and openness to the world with dignity,” he added.

As the Marca newspaper points out, Löw is passionate about sweet things, and finds it hard to resist cakes, pies, chocolate bars…

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