Joao Miranda Decided To Return To Brazil

Joao Miranda has just been a champion recently with Jiangsu Suning in China. But, in spite of that, he is clear that he wants to return to Brazil.

The defender confessed that he has not seen his family for almost half a year and that, for that reason, he has decided to return to his country.

COVID-19 has turned the whole world upside down. Before, crossing the country from one end to the other was possible. Now, with restrictions due to coronavirus, it is almost impossible.

Joao Miranda has an offer on the table to renew the Jiangsu Suning. He has earned it.

However, the former AtlΓ©tico player is going to reject it. The reason? He can’t stand to be so far away from his family anymore.

“I haven’t seen my wife and children for five months. I want to go back to Brazil, this time it was very difficult,” he said in statements to ‘Mundo Deportivo’.

Much has changed since he landed in China: “In 2019 it was quiet, the championship in China stopped on FIFA dates and he managed to go to Brazil. But now, because of the virus, I came here in June and could not leave”.

The pandemic has made Joao Miranda decide to return to his native country. In Brazil, Sao Paulo has already reached out to him.

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