John Bostock Could Have Ended Up At Barcelona

John Bostock is a true football globetrotter. Tottenham, Royal Antwerp, Lens, Bursaspor, Toulouse… and now Nottingham Forest. But his career could have taken a very different path had it not been for his family’s finances, which prevented him from travelling to sign a ten-year contract with FC Barcelona when he was 14.

Born in London but originally from Trinidad and Tobago, John Bostock was once one of the rising stars of English football. A talented midfielder with the ball at his feet, his path did not take him the way he was expected to go.

He now plays for Nottingham Forest, but the historic English club is no less than the 13th one he has passed through during his career. He is a true globetrotter and wears shirts as diverse as those of Crystal Palace, Brentford, Hull City, Toronto FC, Royal Antwerp, Lens, Bursaspor and Toulouse.

Interviewed by ‘BBC Sport’, Bostock confessed that his life could have changed forever when he was 14 years old and starting to emerge in football. Then, he says that he received an offer from FC Barcelona that he could not accept due to his family’s financial difficulties, as he could not afford to move.

“When I was a kid, Barcelona offered me a ten-year contract. Ronaldinho was my favourite player at the time, so they sent me a poster signed by him. I still have it in my house in London,” admitted Bostock

Precisely 14 years later, the midfielder jokes with his constant comings and goings: “I’ve become an expert at packing and unpacking. I hold the speed record for that. My wife has helped me throughout my career. Sometimes she has believed in me more than I do”.

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