Jürgen Klopp Gave The Formula For Being A Good Manager

He said that his great virtue is that he likes to listen, but he is also strict. If they don’t feel like running he gives them some physical encouragement!

Few managers are as successful as Klopp. The Liverpool manager has led the Reds to glory. In Liverpool they love him.

Klopp was featured in the Daily Mail and, among other things, revealed his formula for success. “I like to listen. I’m good at some things, but in everything else, the people who work with me are much better and I’m smart enough to follow their advice,” he said.

The key for Klopp is that his team is a family, human connection is essential: “I let them be good people,” he said. But he also made it clear that the job is non-negotiable. “I kick their a***s when they don’t run enough,” he continued.

On a different note, he gave his opinion on the international breaks now that the latest one has just finished. “I’m not a big fan. I get nervous… you can ask my wife. I was devastated to see Joe Gomez’s knee injury with England. My English is not good enough to describe what went through my mind when I got the call telling me what happened,” he said.

Now that there are matches every few days due to COVID-19, Klopp took the opportunity to defend the five changes. “The best solution is to have five changes and not three.  Sports science says it takes at least 72 hours to recover from a match. You have to look at the well-being of the players,” he concluded.

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