Kepa Arrizabalaga Faced Harsh Criticism For His Mistakes In The Match

Ex-footballer and current commentator Gary Neville harshly criticised the Spanish goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga, who once again found himself in hot water after this Monday’s match against Brighton.

Chelsea and Brighton faced off this Monday in the first game of the Premier League. Jorginho, James, and Zouma made Trossard’s sole goal worthless and got the win for Frank Lampard’s side.

The Spanish goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga could have done more to stop the only goal that Chelsea conceded, for which he received a torrent of criticism after the match.

One of the critics was ex-footballer and current commentator Gary Neville: “Keepers, obviously, can’t let those goals in. We’re trying not to be too critical of him. Chelsea have been talking about winning the league but there’s no chance if he lets goals like those in”.

“This will cause a real problem. This goal went under his arm. It’s not a great opportunity, there’s not much power. You see it from miles out. I don’t know what happened. Goals conceded from outside the area: 19. It’s a shocking record for a 70 million pound goalkeeper”, he continued.

He also faced criticism from ex-footballer Jamie Carragher: “In fact, you can put pressure on the club to sign Edouard Mendy much faster, because it could have cost them the game. He’s not a £70 million goalkeeper. They didn’t sign Alisson and he was the last resort”.

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