Kiel Is More Known For Their Handball Team

Kiel is one of the most known cities in the world of sport in Germany. Close to the Danish border, Holstein Kiel live in the shadow of the handball team, triple champion of Europe.

Germany is a football powerhouse, but also in handball. The country has given big names and teams to the sports, and Kiel is a city that is known because of handball.

THW Kiel is one of the most decorated teams in the world of handball. The German side has won 3 European Cups and has been runner up on another four occasions.

In this way, it’s no wonder that Holstein Kiel are living in the shadow of their older brother. The 2. Bundesliga are trying to survive in a competition that deosn’t give them a break.

The next target will be beating one of the historic sides of German football, Hamburg, who also come into the match top. If they win, Holstein Kiel will move up to 2nd.

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