Lionel Messi Will Join Manchester City Following Pep Guardiola’s Contract Extension

The former Citizen is thrilled by the news that the Spaniard’s long-term future will be at the Etihad, after signing a two-year extension.

City have already admitted publicly that they have the “financial strength” to sign the Barcelona superstar, while a public row with the board this summer saw the Argentine push for an exit with Inter Milan also reportedly keen to acquire his signature.

Messi thrived under Guardiola and arguably peaked during his illustrious career under his guidance between 2008 and 2012.

Messi, who scored 211 goals in all competitions across the four campaigns with Guardiola, has grown tired of being blamed for the Blaugrana’s recent struggles.

And should Messi refuse to change his mind over a departure, then a move to the Premier League, at 34 years of age, looks likely, with Sinclair excited by the prospect.

“It’s outstanding news,” Sinclair told Talk Sport. “I think every City fan is going to be buzzing when they hear this news.

“For me, you look at what has gone one with him signing a new two-year contract, there are rumours Kevin De Bruyne is going to sign a new contract… I think Messi is inevitable.

“I can’t see anything other than that. And I look at the club I supported, ‘little old Manchester City’, signing the best player in the world and possibly winning the Champions League.

“I can’t see it any other way,” replied Sinclair. “He is too young to go back to Argentina, and I don’t think there is any other club where they have the right manager in place where Messi would go in and feel comfortable under that manager.

“I feel it is inevitable it is going to happen… and I can’t wait for it to happen!”


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