Luis Alberto Is Furious At Lazio’s New Plane

The Lazio board have decided to buy a spectacular aeroplane during the COVID-19 crisIs. This has made Luis Lazio announced this Friday that they have bought a lovely private plane for the club. Luis Alberto has hit back slamming the board.

“I saw the plane, but we have to pay for it. They buy things, but they don’t pay us,” the former Malaga player said on a live stream on Twitch.

The Spanish international did not like the news one bit. He has only found out about the news on the Italian club’s social media account, ‘Corriere dello Sport’ says.

“It’s all very nice, but when will we look after what’s happening indoors? False impression…,” he concluded. Lazio, like many other clubs, have suffered financially as a result of the coronavirus and the timing of the new plane is not the best.

Alberto furious and he has revealed that some of the players have not been paid.

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