Moraes Had To Come Off In The Match Against Real Madrid

The Brazilian let on a stretcher after a tackle from Varane, after an error from Nacho, came on again and was then subbed with obvious signs of anger.

Shakthar Donetsk lost one of their most important men in attack through injury. Moraes had to be replaced by Dentinho in the 25th minute after a tackle from Varane injured him.

It all started with a clear error from Nacho. The CB played the ball too short to Varane, so Moraes got their first.

To avoid a clear counter from Shakhtar Donetsk, Varane strongly tackled Moraes, who was left injured after a knock to the thigh. The Brazilian, in fact, came off on a stretcher with evident signs of pain.

The attacker of the Ukrainian side didn’t want to leave the pitch and came on again, while he limped and could hardly jog. However, Lucescu understood that he couldn’t continue and prepared the change.

While Dentinho entered the park, Moraes left angry and murmuring despite not being able to walk normally.

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