“Mourinho Will Know How To Get Bale Back, When You Feel Supported It’s Easier”

Gareth Bale’s arrival at Tottenham has provoked a lot of reactions in the footballing world. One of them was from ex-Barcelona player Rivaldo, who said that Mourinho “will know how to recover” the Welshman and pointed to Madrid as the reason for his decline in the previous two seasons.

Gareth Bale returns to Tottenham, where he was happy and originally got his big break. This is being seen in the footballing world as the key to the recovery of the Welshman. In the last two years, he had all but disappeared, but there is hope that Jose Mourinho will bring out his potential.

That’s what football legend Rivaldo expects. The ex-Barca player and ambassador for Betfair analysed the move and has stated that the Portuguese coach will be key to Bale’s resurrection.

“Mourinho is an intelligent coach who will know how to bring back the Bale that we all marveled at. When you feel loved and supported everything is much easier”, he said.

“It will still take time to get him back to his best, but I’m sure he will be able to do so, and that in a very short time we will see the Bale as usual. That he will recover his best physical, football, and psychological shape”, added Rivaldo.

The state of mind is fundamental: “You have to take into account that he is returning to the club where he broke through at before leaving for Spain and that he is going to play under Mourinho. That is an important factor”.

“I am convinced that Mourinho had his part in convincing Bale to sign. He is one of the best managers in the world and after this talk, of course, Bale will have become even more convinced that it was the best way forward”, he concluded.

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