Nani’s Hard Tackle And Expulsion From The Pitch

During the MLS match between Orlando City and Columbus Crew, Nani, the legendary former Manchester United player, was sent off with a straight red for a hard tackle from behind. He was so angry that he left the pitch crying.

Nani ended up crying at the Orlando City game against Columbus Crew in the MLS. The reason? He was sent off for the first time in five years and left his team a man down when they were only one goal ahead against a major championship rival.

He made a hard tackle from behind on an opponent and the referee did not hesitate in showing him red. He and his teammates protested, but there was no way to convince the referee otherwise.

The ex-Manchester United player left the green crying in frustration. He had been very angry with his team and had provoked a dangerous foul with more than half an hour of match left ahead of him. Fortunately for him, they ended up winning 2-1.

The player is living through what may be the last adventure of his career in a destination that attracts player with experience in the biggest leagues. In America, he is held in very high esteem and is often a starter.

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