Neuer Spoke Ahead Of The Spain Match

Neuer spoke ahead of the match against Spain. The Germany captain titled the match as “a final against one of the best national teams in the world”.

The Germany captain, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, described as “a final for both teams” the match they will play this Tuesday against Spain in Seville, decisive for their passage to the final phase of the Nations League and in which he assumes that they will face “one of the best national teams in the world”.

The Bayern Munich goalkeeper welcomed Germany going top of the group at the press conference on Monday after “beating Ukraine” and admitted he is “looking forward to playing the match” to be able “to finish the campaign well with the national team” in the Nations League.

In it, he added that until now he is “happy” with the “trajectory” Germany has had.

“In defence we’re fine, but there are a lot of issues to work on, of course with a new and young team. We want to win this match,” said the Rhenish goalkeeper, who does not keep “track of international matches” played.

The German keeper praised his teammate, centre-midfielder Leon Gรถretzka, as “a great player who is doing well at Bayern and in the national team”, as well as being “very important within this new generation of players” who must “continue working to bring success to the process of this new national team”.

Manuel Neuer did not expand on the two penalties missed on Saturday against Switzerland by Sergio Ramos. “A great player who already” has “taken some penalties” and is “sure” that “he has the capacity to withstand a lot of pressure, both in his club and in the national team”, he said.

He also regretted the absence of spectators in the stadiums, although he recalled that “professionals must get used to this way of life”, because “the important thing is to take care of oneself and concentrate on one’s work”, a task that the goalkeeper tries to carry out “according to the rules that are imposed on everyone in these times”.

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