Nikolic And Tadic Went To The Same School

Hungary v Serbia took place on Sunday and it had two old acquaintances on the park. The captains of both sides, Nemanja Nikolic and Dusan Tadic respectively, were curiously together at the same school.

The Nations League continues. In the last matchday, Hungary and Serbia faced each other. The match ended 1-1 and the points were shared.

But, beyond the result, the curious thing about the match was the reencounter of two ex-students. The journalist Emre GΓΌrkayank narrated the anecdote during the match.

For the Hungarian side’s part, Nikolic is the captain. Tadic is, for their part, the leader of Serbia. And the best part? Both were schoolmates.

Nikolic and Tadic went to school in Backa Topola together. Tadic was born there, while Nikolic lived some 38km from that town, but he also went there to study daily.

Destiny wanted both of them to then decide to play football and the Nations League did the rest of the magic, making them meet again on the playing field.

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