Paul Pogba Has Repeatedly Spoken About Leaving The Club In The Future

Juventus’ director of sports, Fabio Paratici, was asked by ‘Sky Sport’ about Paul Pogba’s possible return to the ‘Vecchia Signora’. “It’s too early to talk about it” he simply said.

Paul Pogba has a contract with Manchester United until 2022. However, his former team, Juve, may consider making an offer to return to what was once his home.

Fabio Paratici was asked about his possible return to Turin on ‘Sky Sport’. He did not want to talk too much about it. “Pogba is a Manchester United player,” he said.

In response to the insistence of the questions, the Juventus sports director went into more detail about Pogba’s chances of becoming a ‘bianconero’ again. “It is too early to think about future targets. He is a great player, but we are focused on building this one for this season,” he said.

Finally, he left a message. “We wish him well,” he simply pointed out. It seems that we will have to wait to know if, indeed, his return to Turin will happen or not.

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