Piqué Gave A Murderous Look

Football players are often thrown on by fans when driving. That is what happened to Gerard Piqué, who gave a stare that left those present stunned.

Gerard Piqué seemed tired of fans chasing him even when he was in a car. Some images from some fans showed a glance from the Barcelona centre-back that left them without words.

“Oh, what a look he gave us”, one of them said when he complained to the centre-back, locked in his car, while the traffic light was red. A glance that seemed to reflect the mood of the defender at that very moment.

Gatherings of fans close to the Barcelona training centre to get photos with their idols and first-team players are usual.

It’s not the first time that a player has been annoyed. It happened to Dembélé when he was trolled by a fan when compared to FIFA.

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