PPV Could Soon Be A Thing Of The Past For The Premier League

Pay-per-view matches in the Premier League have an expiry date. The English competition will abolish them after the international break.

The Premier League has begun to consider the elimination of the current pay-per-view match system which affects several matches each matchday.

Under the current model, matches cost 14.95 pounds, a price that has been considered borderline abusive by fans, who have rejected it. Mike Ashley, the owner of Newcastle United, asked to reduce it’s price to one third of the original.

In the meeting of the Premier League teams, the change was proposed to come into effect on the ninth matchday of the season, once the international break has passed. Discussions are ongoing and a solution is said to be on the way ‘shortly’.

The idea of charging almost £15 for matches which, in a world without pandemics, would only be accessible in the UK by attending the stadium (as they are not televised to encourage crowds), arose in October, after the usual television operators were offering the matches in September, at no extra cost.

The response of the fans to this measure was to devote the money, rather than paying the operators, to charitable causes. Since this model was introduced last month, fans have raised more than £300,000 as a boycott of a practice that may bein its final days.

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