PSG Will Have More Losses

The coronavirus is threatening with leaving great economic consequences at many big clubs in Europe, but especially at PSG, who because of the second lockdown in France, will have losses of some 200 million euros.

PSG are facing some tough months because of the second coronavirus wave that is sweeping through Europe. According to ‘Sport’, this second lockdown in France will provoke them to have some losses of 200 million euros.

From 30th October to 1st December, the rule will be much more strict in this sense. And that will provoke the Parisian club to have bigger problems and restrictions when organising events at the Parc des Princes.

All of this, plus the loss of income from tickets and other benefits from merchandising and official club products, will do a lot of damage to the economy of an international club and with high salary costs.

In Ligue 1, PSG will be the most affected club by this new reality in France. But Marseille will also have big losses, in part also because of the problems with Mediapro and television rights.

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