Puma Rodríguez Invites The Whole Of Lugo To "Reflect"

Puma Rodríguez Invites The Whole Of Lugo To “Reflect”

Puma Rodríguez acknowledged that Lugo must “reflect on what has happened” in its bad start to the championship for the Galician team, which has fired Juanfran García.

Panamanian international Jose Luis ‘Puma’ Rodriguez has admitted that CD Lugo, who have fired manager Juanfran Garcia, have to “improve a lot” after conceding the fourth defeat of the season in five games played.

“We have to improve a lot. We know that it is difficult for us to reach goal, to shoot and we have to see improvement from both the coach and the players. We must get more to goal, have more chances,” said the American.

The midfielder, on loan from Deportivo Alavés, said that against Mallorca (0-1) his team faced an “intense match” and called for “reflecting on what happened” and “trying to see what” could be improved to recover from the last losses (three in a row).

In addition, he warned that Lugo must become “strong” at home, something that they could not achieve against Mallorca.

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