Qarabag Have Been Investigated Because Of Their Head Of Press

The armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has affected Qarabag because of the controversial and recent statements by their head of press, which is why UEFA has begun proceedings against the club.

Qarabag have had to come to terms with defending itself because of the latest words of their head of press, Nurlan Ibrahimov, who said: “We must kill all Armenians: children, women, the elderly, without repentance or compassion. If we do not kill them, they will kill us and our children”.

A reference to the armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which with each passing day is worse. The Azerbaijani club, for their part, communicated: “We strongly condemn the repeated bombings and killings of innocent civilians by the Armenian armed forces in the cities of Barda and Tartar. We demand an international response to the destruction, loss and suffering of innocent civilians as a result of these attacks”.

UEFA have decided to take part in this affair and open proceedings against Qarabag, which, although they disregarded the words of their head of press, did not correct them. The European organisation does not want this open war to spill over onto them and has chosen to be rigorous with statements of this kind.

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