Real Madrid Fell Asleep At The Back And Perisic Equalised

Ivan Perisic took advantage of Real Madrid’s lax defending and, despite a poor finish, the Croatian levelled the match with his right foot.

Despite starting out losing to Madrid, Inter never gave up in the match. In the second half, Conte’s side flirted with the goal and ended up finding it.

In the 68th minute, Ramos came out of the box and that was the end of Real Madrid. Lautaro got the ball completely alone and gave it to Perisic who did the rest against Courtois.

Lucas was slow to counter the move of the Croatian, who hit the ball poorly. Ecstasy at Inter and worried faces at Madrid.

The away team players took the ball quickly because they saw that their opponent was fatigued and a 3-2 scoreline was a possibility.

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