Renan Lodi Thinks That Atlético Can Win La Liga

Brazilian defender Renan Lodi is not putting limits to Atlético Madrid. The full-back has opined that any team can win La Liga this year, seeing that the favourites have already dropped points.

Renan Lodi is one of the starters for Tite in this international break and the player has spoken in an interview with FIFA about Brazil and Atlético.

“I’m practically just another attacker. With the national team, I have more freedom to attack and I like that a lot. Tite asks me to come up, although without leaving aside my defensive responsibilities”, he started.

With regards to the team that Atlético have, Renan Lodi doesn’t see it as too much to fight to win the league this season.

“We can win La Liga. Things are going very well and we have a strong team. The league is a very complicated championship, and the table has kicked off because the favourites have dropped many points”, he continued.

The full-back recalled that Atlético have played two matches less than the rest and this could be decisive in the future.

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