Rivaldo Says ” Antoine Griezmann’s Problem Is That He Has To Believe In Himself”

Rivaldo, former Barcelona player, referred again to the problems that Antoine Griezmann has been having in the Barca squad and blames his low performance exclusively on the Frenchman himself.

More than a year has passed since Antoine Griezmann’s landing in Barcelona and he still hasn’t shown the level he demonstrated at Atletico Madrid. This has earned him numerous criticisms.

“I don’t think Griezmann’s problem in Barcelona is that he is not up to it or that he is playing in the wrong position, which is what Griezmann himself seems to think. His problem is that he needs more self-confidence. He just needs that, to believe it, to have confidence to prove his quality in the Camp Nou,” said Rivaldo.

Rivaldo saw both sides of the Frenchman, with his national team and with Barcelona. “In France he is adapted with the same coach and system for many years, yes, but in Atlético he was late and then he became the star for several seasons”, he added.

It is for that reason that Rivaldo is hopeful for the Frenchman: “He only needs that, to assimilate and to believe that in Barcelona he does not have to be different, that he can play where he wants and to demonstrate that he is very good in any team”.

Also Rivaldo spoke about Leo Messi and whether he should play after returning from several games with Argentina. “The decision is more his than any other. Because if Messi wants to play, it will be difficult to convince him otherwise. It is a matter that should be discussed between Messi, Koeman and the medical staff, but I think that, as it happened to me, he will want to play,” he explained.

Finally, the ex-Barcelona player spoke about Real Madrid. “Isco has been fundamental at Real Madrid, but now that is not happening, so he could follow James’ example. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made a similar move. Seeing how James is doing, how happy he is in England, he might think about it, especially if he starts to see that he is still playing less,” he said.

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